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Control your breath!


Nowadays we try to control many things everyday, our life is centered around the expectations we are trying to satisfy. We believe that if we satisfy all of these ‘I want’ we will be happy. But when was the last time you noticed your breath, when the last time you tried on your anger
to control your breath, instead of attacking and filling negative thoughts? Wake up! it’s not just an automatic mechanism! Your breath is your source of energy, your breath can heal your mind and body. So let’s stop trying to control the world around us, this world that is constantly changing and let’s try to control ourselves. True happiness comes when you are in perfect union with yourself, with your inner world. So when everything around us is different, when everything that we were planning takes a different path, when we feel lost control because everything changes, let us remember that the real control that is feasible to have and deserves to try is control of ourselves! Breathe! observe your breath and feel what it offers you, proper and complete breathing can save you from anxiety attacks to cervical problems! Inspire and accept that the world around you is changing and will always change the essence is not to keep the world stable but to build your own foundations.


  • Grounding

Whatever happens around you stay still for a few minutes. Feel your feet standing firmly on the ground, your feet are your roots, whatever the state of turmoil and how big it is. You have the strength to stay still! Breathe in! 5 seconds inhalation 5 expiration. See the space around! Nothing is more important than your breath! Focus on that one. With every inhalation, feel your roots grow and stronger and with every exhalation persuade that it makes you feel weak. Breathe in!

  • Let it go

Everything that hurts you, let it go! Exhale it with your every exhalation! Take a deep breathing by lifting your shoulders, hold your breath for a few seconds, and with exhalation let your shoulders fall down, as if you instantly relax from the weight.

  • Meditation 

Sit in lotus or in a comfortable position with your back straight, close your right nostril with your right thumb, inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale from the left nostril for 7 seconds, continue inhaling for 4 seconds from the left nose … Close your eyes and become one with your breath, every second of it. stay still! feel the emptiness.

  • Listen

Keep your body stationed in random moments in the day, close your eyes, take a deep breath from the nose and exhale from the nose creating a sound on exhalation. Close your ears to what’s happening around you and hear what’s happening inside of you.


Close your eyes, breathe in and finally wonder where happiness is? out there or inside you?

OM Shanti!

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